Wanted: 16GB iPhone 4

Did you know that there are absolutely no iPhone 4s in the North West?

Yup, I wasn’t surprised either; especially after walking past the queue of at least fifty people coming out of the Preston O2 store at 8.13am on launch day. Yet the saddest part about that queue is that I was almost in it. But I took one look at the size of it, which went past 2 shops and round a corner, and decided I would be very late to work and probably wouldn’t be able to get one anyway.

Today I ended up ringing all of the local O2 stores in the vain hope that I might be able to get my hands on one. Yet after many phone calls, and even one store putting the phone down on me, I sat back and sighed, knowing that I wasn’t going to get my hands on one for at least another week.

Now this phone may sound, from my desperate attempts to find one, like it’s for me…well, it’s not. The idea here is that if my boss gets a new iPhone 4, then I can have his iPhone 3GS; sounds like a fair deal to me. The only problem is that my current phone has a terrible battery life and freezes up when you try to do something overly complicated, like sending a text message. So I could definitely do with getting him an iPhone 4 very soon.

So if you want me then you’ll find me checking the online O2 stock availability every time it updates and desperately praying, for the sake of having a working phone, that a local iPhone 4 will pop up in the near future.

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