PC Repair

inside a PCIs your computer in need of repair? No worries, we can fix it.

  • Is your PC noisy? Or does it get hot very quickly? This could be a problem with your fan.
  • Does your PC take a long time to load up any programs or files? You could need some more memory.
  • Do error messages pop up at you? Or are you asked to download a program that you’re unsure of? This could be spyware or a virus on your computer.
  • Can you hear any odd noises when you turn on the computer? This could be your hard disks way of saying that it needs replacing.
  • Is your computer just not running as smoothly as you would like? We can help.

To start the computer repair process, just get in touch with us either by phone, e-mail or by clicking the call me button, and let us know how we can help you.

Our computer repair service is available to customers in Chorley, Preston, Blackburn, Bolton and other surrounding Lancashire areas.

We also have a data recovery service. More information on this service can be found here.

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