Email Setup

There are lots of different email programs, but they will all ask for similar things.

If we do your email and you’re using something made by Apple, we can make it very easy:

Setup email on your iPhone, iPad, iTouch or Mac

Otherwise, if we do your email and you’re using Outlook or Thunderbird, it should also be very easy – go to add a new account (Outlook 2007 is Tools/Account Settings/add new, Outlook 2010 is File/Add Account, Thunderbird is Tools/Accounts Settings/Account Actions/Add Mail Account) and fill in your name, email address and password.  We’ve set things up so all the technical settings should appear automagically.

If you’re using anything else, like an Android phone or Windows Live Mail or indeed anything else, you will need to know the answers to these questions:

Your name: Can’t help you with that

Your email address:  Can help you with that

Your password:  Yes, you do have one.  If you have no idea what it is, we can reset it for you.

Your email account type:  You can use POP or IMAP.  POP is the normal way of doing things.  IMAP means that the server keeps a copy of all your email and you can use it on more than one computer and have all the same stuff – choose this if you want to have all your emails on your PC as well as your laptop, for example.  Either will work.

Your incoming mail server (POP or IMAP, as above) –

Your outgoing mail server (SMTP) –

Your incoming username: your email address again

You need to set your outgoing email server to authenticate, and to use the same username and password as for incoming.  This is usually done for you, but not always.  In Outlook Express, for example, you have to go to account properties and servers and tick that your outgoing server requires a username and password.

If asked about whether to use secure connections or SSL, choose yes.  And if asked about your outgoing server port, choose 587.

Overall, it’s probably easier to use a modern email program!  Thunderbird is free and everyone can use it.

As ever, get in touch if you have any problems.

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